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Inventory, Production orders, Pick & Pack - now in WOAH SALES!

By Tom Riley, 23 Apr 2013

The wait is over! Inventory tracking, production order, and "pick & pack" features are now available on all WOAH SALES accounts.

To get started, simply log into your account, click the "Inventory" tab and hit the "Enable inventory features" button.

Production orders & deliveries

The new "Manufacture" tab is the place to create and manage your production orders and record deliveries as they arrive. WOAH keeps a tally of confirmed sales and can automatically populate your production orders with quantities required to cover your sales.

WOAH keeps track of what quantities you already have in production and you can view excess inventory in the "Available to sell" report. You can also build "in-season" orders with quantities limited to available inventory and production.

Pick & Pack

When you're ready to start shipping, our pick & pack interface makes it easy for your shipping staff to efficiently and accurately process outgoing shipments, print delivery notes, make adjustments etc.

Create your pick tickets for individual sales and they will instantly show up on the Pick & Pack page. Pick tickets can be exported to a format used by your third party shipping company. We currently support the Bergen Logistics CSV format and will add more soon. Get in touch if you work with another fulfilment company.

Updated documentation

We've updating our online documentation to cover the various inventory and production related features. Here are some pages that will get you up to speed with the changes:

Managing inventory levels:

Shipping and pick & pack:

Production orders and deliveries:

You can get started with the new inventory features right now. Simply log into your account, click the "Inventory" tab and hit the "Enable inventory features" button.

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