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This week's WOAH SALES updates and improvements

By Tom Riley, 13 Apr 2013

Here's a list of notable updates and improvements that made it into WOAH SALES this week:

  • The new product entry dialog is a little more streamlined. You can now quickly enter your product variation colors, one per line, rather than clicking for each new variation.
  • We've added "comments" icons to both the sales and production orders list pages. Hover over the comments icon to show any notes/comments attached to the order.
  • When building your first production order, you'll have the option to automatically associate your existing products with the new manufacturer.
  • You can filter products by manufacturer.
  • The new "What's new?" drop-down in the navigation bar shows you the latest news from the blog - never miss a feature update!
  • The tax level of a production order is now editable.
  • Company logo now shows on pro-forma invoice PDFs.
  • BUG FIX Fixed an issue where new addresses added via the sales workflow were added to the companies database twice.
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