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Roundup of updates and improvements this week.

By Tom Riley, 16 Dec 2009

We’ve made various minor updates and improvements to WoaH in the last few days. Here is a quick roundup:

  • More filtering options on sales orders page.
  • Orders list can be sorted in various ways by clicking column headers.
  • WoaH remembers you filtering and sorting options when you return to your orders page.
  • Switching seasons now takes you back to where you were rather than always redirecting to you to the Dashboard.
  • Added colour name column to materials list.
  • Renamed Commercial Invoice to Customs Declaration to avoid confusion.
  • You can now click through from a shipment details page (after creating a shipment) to quickly create an invoice to cover the value of the shipment.
  • Number of pieces and number of product variations awaiting shipment now shown on orders list.
  • Improved line sheet layout.
  • Fixed line sheet layout issue for products with more than eight variations.
  • Swatches cropped and resampled correctly on line sheet PDF.
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