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Product manufacturers and manufacturer currencies

By Tom Riley, 06 May 2009

You may have spotted that each of your products can now be associated with a particular manufacturer. This allows you to specify manufacturing costs in the manufacturer's currency rather than just your default currency. To set an alternative currency for your manufacturers, simply proceed to your Manufacturers list, click "edit" to edit a manufacturer and you'll find a currency select drop-down. You'll notice that you can provide an overriding exchange rate here that is used for costing calculations. This allows you to anticipate or try out different exchange rates and observe how it affects your profit margins.

You should be aware that when you build a production order now, only the products that are assigned to that manufacturer will show up in the product variation selection list. You also won't be able to change the manufacturer for a product which is already present in a production order. We hope, however, to add support for specifying more than one manufacturer per product in the near future.

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