January product updates

By Emily Warren, 29 Jan 2016

We made several updates to World on a Hanger this month. Changes include:

  1. We hugely increased the number of currencies available in WOAH.
  2. We added a remaining_to_pick column to the combined inventory report. This is the number of units in confirmed sales orders that haven't yet been added to pick tickets or shipments.
  3. Payments terms that include multiple lines of text are now formatted correctly on generated PDFs.
  4. You can now filter sales by agency.
  5. We fixed an issue whereby total quantity was sometimes missing from order confirmation PDFs.
  6. You can now set up separate production paperwork footer text.

Scheduled maintenance 9pm GMT Saturday 12th 2015

By Tom Riley, 10 Dec 2015

We will be taking WOAH SALES offline for 9pm this Saturday 12th December for some scheduled database migrations. We estimate that an offline duration of between 30 and 60 minutes. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. You can follow more fine-grained maintenance updates on out status Twitter account, @WOAHStatus.

Sizing systems now fully editable

By Tom Riley, 03 Oct 2015

We're glad to announce that it's now possible to add, remove and rename sizes on an existing product, even if that product has been added to orders.

It's easy to adjust a sizing system. Just navigate to the product and click "edit sizing system" below the existing sizes. If you try to remove a size that is in use, WOAH will prevent you from doing so and tell you why.

If you need to rename an existing size, that's easy too. Click the "Rename a size label..." link. You'll then be able to select the existing size label and enter a name new.

We've updated our documentation to explain the new options.

Pricing channels can now be set to use MSRP pricing

By Tom Riley, 13 Aug 2015

Pricing channels can now be marked as a "retail pricing" channel. When you build a customer order for a channel marked as a "retail pricing" channel, MSRP/RRP prices will be applied to the order rather than the wholesale pricing. This allows the creation of one-off private client sales or other such sales that need to be completed at a retail price.

Settings for Xero nominal account codes

By Tom Riley, 20 Jul 2015

Users of our Xero Accounting integration can now set the nominal account codes assigned to each line item of your Xero synced invoices. This includes account codes for goods, shipping charges and card processing fees. When you connect your WOAH account to Xero, WOAH will read your nominal account codes from Xero and you can set up the desired account codes from your Xero integration settings in WOAH.