Raw material component description field and CSV BOM download

By Tom Riley, 26 Aug 2016

When editing your product's raw material components, you now have the option to add a description (for example "outer lining") for a given raw material. You can use this field to add more detail to your bill of materials. The descriptions will be included on the bill of materials PDF as well as a new CSV download option.

Time zone and date format user preferences

By Emily Warren, 01 Jun 2016

WOAH users can now set their time zone and preferred on-screen date format under their user profile settings. Setting your time zone will allow WOAH to show account activity in local times (rather than the default GMT). Changing the date format effects how dates are rendered and input within the application. For example, you can change to an American, month first format for date input and display. To change how dates are rendered on your generated PDFs, take a look at the paperwork settings page.

Bulk export your sales PDFs

By Tom Riley, 10 Apr 2016

Need to download all invoices for a given season? We've added an option on the sales page to download a season's worth of PDFs all at once. Just click the "cog" download on the Sales page and choose "Bulk Download PDFs". Then choose the season and click "Create Archive".

The process can take a minute or two to complete, so we will email you a download link when the export has completed. You can also find a download history and links to previous archives by navigating to My Export History from the bulk download page.

New option to change date formatting on PDF documents

By Emily Warren, 11 Mar 2016

We've added a new option to paperwork settings to change the formatting of dates on your generated PDF documents. There are several formats to choose from. Please let us know if you can't find a format that suits your preference.

MSRPs can now be included on delivery notes

By Tom Riley, 20 Feb 2016

You'll find a new option on your paperwork settings page to include MSRP/RRPs on delivery note PDFs. You may want to use this option to make it easier for your stockists to receive and process your goods.