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New feature: Reports!

By Tom Riley, 08 Apr 2009

Due to popular demand we've added three sets of reports.

  1. Inventory report - this is an overview of what products you have in stock. It also gives a summary of the status of each item (produced? sold? shipped?) to help you plan your deliveries and sell excess stock.

  2. Orders by product - this is an overview of all orders received from your customers, sorted by quantities for each style. This helps you get an idea of what styles are selling and who's buying them.

  3. Material requirements - this shows an overview of what materials are needed to fulfil all your orders. It tells you how much you've already ordered and how much you still need to order. This is very useful because it's an easy way to keep track all your materials consumption in one place.

Get in touch with us at if you have suggestions for other reports that would be useful for you, or ideas about how to improve the ones we have already.

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