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May updates to WOAH SALES: Detailed production order PDFs, invoice export, more user permissions

By Tom Riley, 17 May 2013

Here's a list of notable updates and improvements that made it into WOAH SALES during the last few weeks:

Detailed production order PDF.
In addition to the compact production order PDF, users with inventory/production enabled accounts can now print a "detailed" production order PDF that breaks production down by product and includes product images.

PDF notes for production orders.
"PDF" notes can be entered for a production order. These notes will be included on the production order PDF. Private notes can also be entered separately.

Export invoices in CSV format.
You can now export invoice summary information in CSV format. The download link can be found at the bottom of the Sell page.

Pricing is now hidden on packing lists.
We also plan to add an option to show RRP prices on packing lists. There is also the option to hide cost pricing on production order PDFs (available from Settings → Paperwork).

Product selection dialog improvements
When selecting products to add to customer orders, production orders, or stock operations, products are now sorted by name.

More permissions settings for user accounts
We've added more options for restricting what data your additional users can see when logged in and what actions they can perform. Navigate to Settings → Users & Permissions and click to edit a user login to manage their permissions.

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