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March 2015 WOAH SALES Updates

By Tom Riley, 16 Mar 2015

We made various updates to WOAH SALES in March. These include:

Added a certification signature box to commercial invoice PDFs

You'll find this as a toggleable option (on by default) under Paperwork → Settings. If turned on, commercial invoice PDFs will feature a signature box at the bottom of the document for the shipper (usually you) to certify that the information in the commercial invoice is true and correct.

New option to filter out rows containing all zeros from inventory reports

You'll find a button at the top of inventory reports that, when clicked, will filter out all the rows that contain only zero values. This should make it easier to navigate the various inventory reports.

Paperwork Settings option to show customs fields on pro-forma invoices

Customs fields can now be included on the pro-forma invoice PDF by enabling this new setting.

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