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Increased flexibility when editing sales orders

By Tom Riley, 29 Apr 2010

Some of our users had been finding that the standard WoaH behaviour of locking down sales orders when entering the stock allocation phase was causing more problems that it was solving. For example, a late cancellation of a line item (by either the buyer or supplier) could not be reflected on the order details and orders would appear partially shipped even though all items had been delivered. After making invoices conceptually somewhat separate to sales orders, it now makes more sense than ever to relax the restrictions late edits to the contents of orders.

So now the contents of orders can be edited at any time. The only restriction being that you cannot reduce a quantity of a given size/variation below the quantity already shipped. You can remove line items, add new ones, change quantities,tax levels, shipping costs etc. Nothing will be altered on existing invoices (but you can always update those separately).

We’ve also taken the opportunity to improve the layout of the order details page, moving the more frequently accessed information - the line items and paperwork - up the page. This save everyone some valuable scrolling time!

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