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Freeform bank details option just added to WOAH Classic

Emily Warren, 19 May 2013
WOAH Classic users can now enter additional, freeform payment details to their invoices. This will be useful if you have special payment instructions to add to all invoices that go beyond the structured bank details that can be entered per currency. You'll find the new input field under currency settings: The extra notes entered will be appended to the structured bank details on invoice PDFs in the "Payment details" section.

New setting in WOAH Classic - default email "from" address

Tom Riley, 11 Apr 2013
We've added a new global setting to WOAH Classic accounts - an optional, default, global "From" address that will be used in preference to the current user email address when composing emails from with your WOAH Classic account. You can enter the default "from" address under the new "Email settings" section on your Settings page:

WOAH Classic export to WOAH SALES

Tom Riley, 30 Nov 2012
You can export contact and product data in the new WOAH SALES format from your WOAH Classic account. Look for the "Export WOAH SALES" links at the top of your Customers and Products pages. When exporting products, you'll be asked to map your existing WOAH Classic currencies to WOAH SALES [Channels](, and you'll need to set up the channels in WOAH SALES before importing.

New setting to add textile content to order confirmations

Tom Riley, 27 Sep 2012
We've just added a setting (under Settings) to add textile context information to order confirmation PDFs: Other changes and fixes deployed over the last two weeks: * Shipment export CSV file now includes order payment_terms column * Include all ordered products in inventory report * Ensure that disabled-for-sale size option SKUs aren't filtered out of inventory report * Added grand total converted to default currency to order export CSV * Added Montenegro to country of origin list

Material purchase orders to cover specific production orders or manufacturers

Tom Riley, 10 Sep 2012
We've improved the filtering of suggested raw material quantities when building a new purchase order. You can now choose a specific production order or manufacturer (for all related production orders) from the material filter drop-down: This makes it easy to create individual purchase orders for materials that need to be delivered direct to your manufacturer.

Full sales history on customer details page

Tom Riley, 14 May 2012
We're glad to announce that you can now see a full listing of a customer's previous sales at the bottom of their customer details page.

Production orders listing page now includes order content summary

Tom Riley, 10 May 2012
To bring things inline with recent improvements to the [material requirements production order drop-down menu]( we've updated the production orders page to include the same brief content summary so you better distinguish between production orders for the same manufacturer:

Big improvement to the material requirements report filter drop-down

Tom Riley, 02 Apr 2012
If you create a lot of individual production orders for the same manufacturer, you’ll be pleased to learn that we’ve vastly improved the filter drop-down on the material requirements page to make it easy to navigate between your smaller production orders: We’ve also added the option to filter by manufacturer - showing you material requirements to cover all production orders for that manufacturer.

Recent minor updates

Tom Riley, 31 Oct 2011
There were a few minor updates to WoaH this week: - Product descriptions are now shown on the Orders by Product report - Product description and unit price have been added to the sales order CSV export file - Product notes are included at the bottom of the Bill of Materials PDF

Sales orders can now be "uncompleted"

Tom Riley, 16 Jun 2011
We've now added the option to revert a completed order back to the pick & pack state. You'll find a link that does just that beneath the status controls at the top of the order details page: We've also added similar functionality to the invoice workflow - you can now revert an invoice back to the 'unsent' state. *UPDATE:* You can also now revert invoices back to their unsent state.

US Avery label templates

Tom Riley, 26 Feb 2011
We just added support for the 5160, 5263 and 5163 (US Letter) Avery label format for swing tag printing. If you have a need for another Avery format, drop us an email:

Download a bill of materials for multiple products

Tom Riley, 18 Jan 2011
You can now select multiple (or all) products from the Products page and download a multi-page "bill of materials" PDF.

Apply updated pricing to an existing shipment

Tom Riley, 01 Nov 2010
When you create a shipment, line item prices are saved with the shipment date at that moment in time. If you change prices on the sales order, they won't be reflected on customers declarations or any existing invoice associated with the shipment. This meant that very late changes to pricing (after pick & pack is performed) would not filter through to a newly created shipment-linked invoice. We've now gone some way to addressing this issue. It's now possible to update the line item prices stored on a shipment with new pricing information from the sales order. You'll find a link on shipment details pages under "Actions" to "Copy current prices from order": Use this link to copy current pricing information from the order into the saved shipment. You'll notice that the link is disabled if you already have an invoice. You'll need to discard the existing invoice before you update the pricing (then recreate the invoice).

Invoice numbers and order numbers now directly editable

Tom Riley, 17 Sep 2010
This has been a popular request and we've finally (sorry about the wait!) made order numbers and invoice numbers directly editable. Just click the "edit" link next to the order/invoice number at top of each page:

Custom sizing systems now more editable

Tom Riley, 11 May 2010
Up until now custom sizing systems couldn’t be amended by our users after being applied to a product (we had to perform the operation manually as a result of a support request). We’re pleased to announce that we’ve now relaxed this restriction and custom sizing systems can be extended with new sizes at any time. You still cannot, however, delete sizes from a custom sizing system once it’s been used. If you really want to remove a size completely (as opposed to disabling it on a product by product basis) we recommend you create a new sizing system.

Custom fibres

Tom Riley, 04 May 2010
Under your general account navigation, you will now find a “Custom fibres” page where you can enter your own fibres to use when specifying product textile content.

Increased flexibility when editing sales orders

Tom Riley, 29 Apr 2010
Some of our users had been finding that the standard WoaH behaviour of locking down sales orders when entering the stock allocation phase was causing more problems that it was solving. For example, a late cancellation of a line item (by either the buyer or supplier) could not be reflected on the order details and orders would appear partially shipped even though all items had been delivered. After making invoices conceptually somewhat separate to sales orders, it now makes more sense than ever to relax the restrictions late edits to the contents of orders. So now the contents of orders can be edited at any time. The only restriction being that you cannot reduce a quantity of a given size/variation below the quantity already shipped. You can remove line items, add new ones, change quantities,tax levels, shipping costs etc. Nothing will be altered on existing invoices (but you can always update those separately). We’ve also taken the opportunity to improve the layout of the order details page, moving the more frequently accessed information - the line items and paperwork - up the page. This save everyone some valuable scrolling time!

Quick search

Tom Riley, 09 Mar 2010
Some users will have noticed that we deployed our new quick search feature last week. We’ve now enabled quick search on all accounts. Account wide search was a much requested feature and we’re happy to have it implemented. At the moment, you can quickly search by order number, customer names and references, supplier names, manufacturer names, production and purchase order numbers, product identifiers, stock transfer numbers and material colours, names and references. Let us know if we’ve missed anything useful!

New turbo-charged support system!

Tom Riley, 24 Feb 2010
You may have noticed a new Support button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen when using WoaH. This is to make it easier for you to send your support requests as they come up. On the back-end we've implemented a new helpdesk system - this will mean quicker response times. Finally, if you follow the What's New section you'll have noticed a number of improvements over the past few weeks. These improvements are due to your feedback. We hope that you'll use the new button to send more feedback on improvements you'd like as you use the system.

Material requirements report filtered by production order and other improvements

Tom Riley, 20 Feb 2010
We've added the option to filter your Material Requirements report by production order so you can easily see what materials a manufacturer requires to start and complete production. Just use the drop-down at the top of the report page to toggle the report between sales, production and specific production orders: Other improvements this week: - Showing colour name and colour code on material requirements report if present - Showing colour name and colour code on materials drop down when specifying materials for products and variations - Showing colour name and colour code on purchase order PDF if present - Showing tariff codes if available on compact production order PDF - Lots of improvements to our user manual - Removed "empty" line item rows from credit note PDFs

Invoicing on a per-shipment basis

Tom Riley, 08 Feb 2010
We've just deployed an improvement to invoicing on your account. In addition to being able to invoice for an arbitrary potion of the complete total, you can now create an invoice to cover items within a particular shipment. The paperwork will show the quantities present in the particular shipment and the invoice total will reflect the value of the items in the shipment, according to the prices stored in the order. You can choose this option when creating an invoice from the order details page (providing a shipment exists) or from the shipment details page (for example, arriving their via the pick and pack screen).

Duplicate a product between seasons

Tom Riley, 25 Jan 2010
You can now quickly duplicate a product (along with all variations, prices and associated material requirements) from one season to another. This should be useful for customers using WoaH to manage their "sample" seasons. You can find the duplicate button on your product details page under "Other actions":

Stock Transfers - new feature for warehouse enabled accounts

Tom Riley, 31 Dec 2009
We've deployed a new feature for inventory and warehouse-enabled accounts - the stock transfer order. These can be found under your season navigation: Stock Transfers menu item A stock transfer order can be built in a very similar manner to a sales or production order. Once finalised, a Transfer Sheet PDF can be printed or emailed to warehouse staff. Inventory is "checked out" of the source warehouse (quantities are reduced) when the stock transfer is moved into the IN TRANSIT state and the inventory is "checked in" to the destination warehouse when the transfer is marked as ARRIVED. You can view inventory that is currently in transit from the Inventory Report page. Stock Transfer order screen

Roundup of updates and improvements this week.

Tom Riley, 16 Dec 2009
We’ve made various minor updates and improvements to WoaH in the last few days. Here is a quick roundup: - More filtering options on sales orders page. - Orders list can be sorted in various ways by clicking column headers. - WoaH remembers you filtering and sorting options when you return to your orders page. - Switching seasons now takes you back to where you were rather than always redirecting to you to the Dashboard. - Added colour name column to materials list. - Renamed Commercial Invoice to Customs Declaration to avoid confusion. - You can now click through from a shipment details page (after creating a shipment) to quickly create an invoice to cover the value of the shipment. - Number of pieces and number of product variations awaiting shipment now shown on orders list. - Improved line sheet layout. - Fixed line sheet layout issue for products with more than eight variations. - Swatches cropped and resampled correctly on line sheet PDF.

Purchase orders now have ship-to address

Tom Riley, 12 Dec 2009
We've added ship-to addresses to purchase orders. This works identically to the ship-to address on a production order. The address will default to your company address specified under Settings but can be overridden for each purchase order.

Customer purchase order number field added to sales orders

Tom Riley, 08 Dec 2009
Customers often want to supply their own purchase order number to be printed on all correspondence relating to their order. We've now added a field on sales orders for just that purpose: If a customer P.O. number is entered, it is shown at the top of all of the related paperwork generated by WoaH.

Customers now linked with sales groups

Tom Riley, 04 Dec 2009
We've just deployed an update to WoaH that allows you to assign a customer to a particular sales group. This means that irrelevant customer are hidden from users only associated with particular sales groups (e.g. overseas sales agents or users dealing with private clients only). You can also filter customers by sales group on the customer list page and only relevant customers are shown when entering new sales orders.

Small change to sales order number allocation and new quote paperwork

Tom Riley, 05 Nov 2009
We've slightly modified the early workflow for sales orders. An order number is now allocated only when the order is confirmed (helping to keep order numbers consecutive) and you can print or email a Quote document to your customer while you finalise the content of the order. You can also specify some notes that will appear only on the quote paperwork under your company settings - you could enter terms such as "The expedition date mentioned in this quote is only valid for 3 days". As you might have guessed, we'll be adding an 'expected expedition date' field to sales orders very soon...


Tom Riley, 06 Oct 2009
You can now set up your default incoterms under your company settings. These are then used as the default terms for new sales orders and are displayed prominently on any paperwork related to the order. Here are the new company settings: You can change the terms for individual orders as and when required: For more information about incoterms, visit the ICC [incoterms]( website.

Multiple manufacturers per products

Tom Riley, 04 Sep 2009
Those users who alternate between several manufacturers will have noticed that you can now specify more than one manufacturer for each product, assigning a different manufacturing cost to each (in the manufacturer's currency):

Commercial Invoices for shipments

Tom Riley, 28 Aug 2009
We've just added the ability to print a commercial invoice for any partial (or full) shipment.

New per-report user permissions

Tom Riley, 27 Aug 2009
Todays new feature - you can now grant or restrict access to individual reports rather the reports section as a whole. You'll now find an extra "Report permissions" section when editing users.

Better invoice line item layout for single sized products

Tom Riley, 26 Aug 2009
We’ve just deployed some improvements to the way line items tables are rendered on sales order PDFs when no more than a single size of any given product has been ordered. This is often the case for companies that sell only accessories. On the old layout, the line items where split into several tables - one table for each sizing system used. Now those tables are “collapsed" together and the labelled, per-size quantity columns are replaced by a single “Size" column that simply shows the size ordered for each line item. Here's a comparison:

Production and Purchase Order prefixes and per-customer Sales Order prefixes

Tom Riley, 17 Aug 2009
Good news! All users now have the same control over purchase and production order number generation as with sales orders. You can choose prefixes and initial order numbers from the company Settings page. We've also included the option to prepend the customer reference code (you can set these under each customer's details) to sales orders making order numbers more descriptive and making it easier to match an order number to a customer.

Specify your time zone

Tom Riley, 26 Jun 2009
You can now specify your time zone under your user account settings. Just navigate to "My Account" to set your time zone correctly (we've set them all to London/BST by default). All displayed times and dates are now automatically converted into your chosen time zone. Just to be sure, you can see the exact time including time zone by hovering your mouse pointer over any displayed date or time:

New "Use for pricing" checkbox on currencies

Tom Riley, 17 Jun 2009
We've added a "Use for pricing" checkbox to currency editing that you can uncheck if you don't need to price your products in that currency. Use this to hide currencies that you only use for purchasing/manufacturing from wholesale and RRP pricing forms and from sales order creation.

"Apply To All Variations" button for wholesale and RRPs

Tom Riley, 17 Jun 2009
A button has been added to the variation pricing form to save time when entering pricing for multi-variation products. This button saves any changes entered to the pricing fields above and then applies those prices to all of the other variations.

Menu now on the right hand side of the screen

Tom Riley, 11 Jun 2009
Based on customer feedback we've switched the menu bar to the right side of the screen. This makes it easier to focus on your data while you're working with it, while keeping the menu easily accessible. Let us know what you think of this and send us any thoughts you have on improving user-friendliness at [](

Recommended Retail Price

Tom Riley, 26 May 2009
Due to feedback from our customers we've added Recommended Retail Price (RRP) to products. When you've set a product's [wholesale price]( you will see a suggested RRP next to it. You can edit retail price in any currency. If you want to change the suggested retail price for all products, simply click Settings in the sidebar and edit the Retail markup. You can still tweak adjust it for individual products under product editing. Let us know what you think at [](

Email PDFs directly to customers, suppliers and manufacturers

Tom Riley, 10 May 2009
You can now email PDF documents directly to you customers, suppliers and manufacturers from within your account without having to download first. You'll find an "email" link where you can currently download a PDF: You can then choose a message to include in your email and you can also CC the email (and attached PDF) to yourself.

Product manufacturers and manufacturer currencies

Tom Riley, 06 May 2009
You may have spotted that each of your products can now be associated with a particular manufacturer. This allows you to specify manufacturing costs in the manufacturer's currency rather than just your default currency. To set an alternative currency for your manufacturers, simply proceed to your Manufacturers list, click "edit" to edit a manufacturer and you'll find a currency select drop-down. You'll notice that you can provide an overriding exchange rate here that is used for costing calculations. This allows you to anticipate or try out different exchange rates and observe how it affects your profit margins. You should be aware that when you build a production order now, only the products that are assigned to that manufacturer will show up in the product variation selection list. You also won't be able to change the manufacturer for a product which is already present in a production order. We hope, however, to add support for specifying more than one manufacturer per product in the near future.

World on a Hanger just got faster!

Tom Riley, 27 Apr 2009
If you've noticed an increase in speed it's because last night we switched to a new, faster server. Enjoy!

Easier navigation

Tom Riley, 27 Apr 2009
From speaking to our beta testers we decided navigating needed to be simplified to make data entry quicker. When editing products there's a 'New product' button, which allows you to add new products directly without going back to the overview. Also, when navigating items in lists (products, orders, etc.) you can switch between them using the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons at the top of the page. If you have any other suggestions about how navigation could be simplified let us know at

Credit notes!

Tom Riley, 27 Apr 2009
We've added support for proper credit notes. To create a new credit note, go to the related order. Once payment has been received you can click the button which says 'New credit note'. This allows you to select the products you want to credit from an overview of products ordered. You can then generate a PDF of the credit note to send to your customer.

Sales groups - making collaboration easier

Tom Riley, 13 Apr 2009
We're happy to be able to announce a new feature - Sales groups. Using sales groups allows you to control who has access to what customer orders. This is really useful if you have sales agents who you only want to have access to their own orders. It's also great for dealing with different sales teams. Finally, if you have subsidiaries in different locations you can create more sales groups to invoice from different addresses and with different VAT numbers. Here's how it works: Click on 'Sales groups' in the sidebar menu. Create a new sales group. You only have to fill out the name of the sales group. Other fields are optional. Use these if you want the sales group to use different details from your main group. To choose which sales groups a user has access to, click on 'Users' and 'edit'. There you can select the groups whose orders you want the user to be able to see. Enjoy! As always, we'd love to hear feedback on our new features - let us know by emailing us at [](

New feature: Reports!

Tom Riley, 08 Apr 2009
Due to popular demand we've added three sets of reports. 1. Inventory report - this is an overview of what products you have in stock. It also gives a summary of the status of each item (produced? sold? shipped?) to help you plan your deliveries and sell excess stock. 2. Orders by product - this is an overview of all orders received from your customers, sorted by quantities for each style. This helps you get an idea of what styles are selling and who's buying them. 3. Material requirements - this shows an overview of what materials are needed to fulfil all your orders. It tells you how much you've already ordered and how much you still need to order. This is very useful because it's an easy way to keep track all your materials consumption in one place. Get in touch with us at []( if you have suggestions for other reports that would be useful for you, or ideas about how to improve the ones we have already.

Prettier (and more powerful) invoices

Tom Riley, 06 Apr 2009
We’ve just given invoices a major overhaul. They now feature your company logo (remember to upload it!) and a slick new layout. Invoices are also much more flexible than before. Now you can add discounts (per item) and make other adjustments to the amount you bill. From the orders screen you can also add your own notes to the invoice to explain any adjustments. Invoices now feature all the details required by customs worldwide (textile content), as well as codes specific to the US (MID code) and the EU (Intrastat). When you send out an invoice from World on a Hanger you can be assured that all the required information is included. Generate an invoice and see for yourself!

Material needs now more detailed

Tom Riley, 06 Apr 2009
Until now, we’ve calculated material needs based on customer orders alone. Responding to your feedback we’ve decided to change the way it’s handled. From now on, you can choose whether to base material needs on customer orders or production orders. This is great for when you’re producing a larger quantity than is strictly required by your customer orders.

Sales orders now locked down on "Proforma sent" rather than confirmation

Tom Riley, 02 Apr 2009
Sales orders are now locked (all quantities and prices saved permanently with the order) when you hit the Proforma Sent button rather than after pressing Confirmed. This allows a little more time for last minute changes to orders before sending out a proforma invoice.

Advanced Pick & Pack now live!

Tom Riley, 17 Mar 2009
We've finally made our "Advanced Pick & Pack" feature available on all beta tester accounts. When we launch, this feature won't be included on our cheapest [plans]( but for now it's available for everyone to try. The entire pick and pack process actually starts with styles being marked as received on confirmed production orders. The received items and then automatically allocated to sales orders and those sales orders appear on the Pick & Pack page. From there a new shipment can be made up and quantities adjusted if necessary. We've thought hard about how the system should cope with unexpected (or expected!) problems such as incorrect quantities being received from manufacturers or faulty garments being discovered before shipping. So we've allowed you to adjust quantities at any point and to fix mistakes that have occurred. You can even abandon a complete shipment and the freed up inventory will be reallocated as you would expect. The only things you can't do are thing that don't make sense, like reducing the number of X that have been received from a manufacturer below what you appear to have shipped.

Data export

Tom Riley, 05 Mar 2009
We're slowly adding export options to various parts of World on a Hanger. We aim to have a [CSV]( (for import into a spreadsheet) export option for almost every "list view" screen (orders, materials, customers, suppliers etc). You'll notice the "Export spreadsheet" links at the top of these pages. We'll also be adding [VCF/vCard]( import and export very soon for customers, suppliers and manufacturers. Please don't hesitate to [let us know]( what other export options you would like and what you think of the current export features.

Standard list of fibres names in textile content editor

Tom Riley, 14 Feb 2009
We've now added a drop-down list of [ISO standard fibre names]( to the textile content editing interface. We still have some more work to do on the textile content editor but we wanted to deploy the standard names as soon as we could. In the near future we'll be automatically handling [biconstituent or multiconstituent fibers]( (by inferring them from the percentage values entered). We'll also have an interface for adding custom fibre names for the rare occasion when it is necessary and we'll have a toggle for marking a fibre as recycled.