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You can now create a credit note for arbitrary amount

By WOAH, 31 Oct 2014

Previously, in WOAH SALES, it was only possible to create a credit note pertaining to certain styles in an order. We're happy to announce that's it's now possible to create a credit note including an arbitrary value, for example, to refund shipping fees or provide a discount on an already invoiced order. You can then apply this credit to the customer's existing or future invoices.

When building a credit note in WOAH, you'll now see a section labelled "Freeform credit note line item". Check the check box to the left, enter a description for your arbitrary credit and then enter a credit value to the right:

In addition, you can optionally add product quantities and values to the credit note as normal.

There is more information about our credit note feature in our online user guide page.

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