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Apply updated pricing to an existing shipment

By Tom Riley, 01 Nov 2010

When you create a shipment, line item prices are saved with the shipment date at that moment in time. If you change prices on the sales order, they won't be reflected on customers declarations or any existing invoice associated with the shipment. This meant that very late changes to pricing (after pick & pack is performed) would not filter through to a newly created shipment-linked invoice. We've now gone some way to addressing this issue. It's now possible to update the line item prices stored on a shipment with new pricing information from the sales order. You'll find a link on shipment details pages under "Actions" to "Copy current prices from order":

Use this link to copy current pricing information from the order into the saved shipment.

You'll notice that the link is disabled if you already have an invoice. You'll need to discard the existing invoice before you update the pricing (then recreate the invoice).

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