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Segment your sales and customers by agency

By Emily Warren, 30 Sep 2014

In WOAH SALES, customers, sales and invoices can now be fully segmented between agencies. User logins associated with an agency will now only ever see report and dashboard data that relates to the sales they have entered.

If you're not yet using the agency feature within WOAH, you'll want to read our online user guide page about how agencies work and how associating a user login with an agency affects their access to the system.

Because it is now required to associate a customer with their agency (or they won't be visible to your agents), we've turned a new setting on for existing organisations that gives agency associated user logins access to all customers within your WOAH organisation.

You'll find this setting on the Settings → Agencies labelled "Agents see all customers". After manually associating your customers with their respective Agency, you'll want to turn this setting off so that your agency associated user logins only have access to their own customers.

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