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Advanced Pick & Pack now live!

By Tom Riley, 17 Mar 2009

We've finally made our "Advanced Pick & Pack" feature available on all beta tester accounts. When we launch, this feature won't be included on our cheapest plans but for now it's available for everyone to try. The entire pick and pack process actually starts with styles being marked as received on confirmed production orders. The received items and then automatically allocated to sales orders and those sales orders appear on the Pick & Pack page. From there a new shipment can be made up and quantities adjusted if necessary. We've thought hard about how the system should cope with unexpected (or expected!) problems such as incorrect quantities being received from manufacturers or faulty garments being discovered before shipping. So we've allowed you to adjust quantities at any point and to fix mistakes that have occurred. You can even abandon a complete shipment and the freed up inventory will be reallocated as you would expect. The only things you can't do are thing that don't make sense, like reducing the number of X that have been received from a manufacturer below what you appear to have shipped.

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