Product line sheets can now be standalone

By Tom Riley, 01 Jun 2017

Previously, line sheets in WOAH were tied to a particular sale and customer order. We've just added the ability to create a standalone line sheet for any group of products within your season. To do this, simply filter products on your main Products page in the usual way, then choose the "Create Line Sheet" option from the tools drop-down.

You can then customise, email or download your line sheet PDF on the following screen. To view all of your created line sheets, choose "Line Sheets" from the main left-hand menus.

New date option for Wholesale Value Report

By Tom Riley, 14 Nov 2016

The "Inventory Wholesale Value" report just got a new option - it's now possible to enter a date in the past and show inventory levels as they were on that date. This is useful for pulling your inventory levels (and value) at your accounting period end date. You'll find the button for changing the date next to the view option buttons above the report:

By default, the button will be labelled "Today". Click the button to bring up a dialog in which to choose a different report date.

You'll see the date button change to reflect the chosen date and the report figures update accordingly.

Option to bulk export PDFs in a single joined file

By Emily Warren, 05 Nov 2016

We've added an option to our PDF bulk export feature to join each document type into a single file. This should come in handy if you want to print all of your invoices or ever packing list at once. The zip file exported will contain a single PDF for each document type (order confirmation, invoice, credit note etc).

If you haven't tried the bulk PDF export feature, you can find it via the Sales Orders page by clicking the "PDFs" drop-down menu:

Sales by stockist per season report

By Tom Riley, 20 Oct 2016

There's a shiny new report in WOAH - the Sales by stockist per season report report. This report shows you the total sales for each customer for each season. Customers are listed down the side and seasons along the top (from oldest to newest). Use this report to quickly see how sales have varied for each of your customers over time.

Compose emails directly from WOAH

By Emily Warren, 22 Sep 2016

Good news! We just rolled our built-in emailing features to all WOAH users! You can now quickly email any PDF document right from within the WOAH application. Documents dropdowns now include an email button:

Use this button to bring up the email document modal dialog:

From here you can compose a message and email your document to your customer, supplier or anyone else. You can also upload additional attachments to include (for example, contract terms). Navigate to your Settings -> Attachments page to upload your additional documents.

You can override certain email settings company-wide from the Email integration settings page such as a default reply-to address and email signature. You can also set a default BCC address that will apply to all emails sent from your WOAH account.

Happy emailing!