You can now create a credit note for arbitrary amount

By WOAH, 31 Oct 2014

Previously, in WOAH SALES, it was only possible to create a credit note pertaining to certain styles in an order. We're happy to announce that's it's now possible to create a credit note including an arbitrary value, for example, to refund shipping fees or provide a discount on an already invoiced order. You can then apply this credit to the customer's existing or future invoices.

When building a credit note in WOAH, you'll now see a section labelled "Freeform credit note line item". Check the check box to the left, enter a description for your arbitrary credit and then enter a credit value to the right:

In addition, you can optionally add product quantities and values to the credit note as normal.

There is more information about our credit note feature in our online user guide page.

Segment your sales and customers by agency

By Emily, 30 Sep 2014

In WOAH SALES, customers, sales and invoices can now be fully segmented between agencies. User logins associated with an agency will now only ever see report and dashboard data that relates to the sales they have entered.

If you're not yet using the agency feature within WOAH, you'll want to read our online user guide page about how agencies work and how associating a user login with an agency affects their access to the system.

Because it is now required to associate a customer with their agency (or they won't be visible to your agents), we've turned a new setting on for existing organisations that gives agency associated user logins access to all customers within your WOAH organisation.

You'll find this setting on the Settings → Agencies labelled "Agents see all customers". After manually associating your customers with their respective Agency, you'll want to turn this setting off so that your agency associated user logins only have access to their own customers.

Make direct edit product inventory and UPC/EANs

By Tom Riley, 10 May 2014

Previously, the only way to apply EAN/UPCs to your SKUs in WOAH SALES was to import them via spreadsheet. We're pleased to say that that is no longer the case - when editing a particular product, you may now navigate to a "EAN/UPCs & Inventory" tab and make changes to EAN/UPCs directly.

You can also make direct changes to inventory levels directly from this page. In fact, this is now the recommended way to manually manipulate inventory levels within WOAH.

New deposit and balance invoicing workflow added to WOAH SALES

By Tom Riley, 20 Apr 2014

In addition to our single invoice, shipment, and consignment invoicing workflows, we're happy to announce that it's now possible to create a deposit invoice for a proportion of the sale, and later issue a closing balance invoice. Many jurisdictions require that business issue real (VAT in the EU) invoices when taking deposits and you can now do that right within WOAH.

To follow this new invoicing workflow, just choose "DEPOSIT & BALANCE" when confirming your sales order. Be sure to enter the correct tax/VAT level when doing so.

Deposit and balance invoices can also be pushed to Xero with the correct adjustments included.

More details about our various invoicing workflows can be found in the Invoicing section on our online guide.

Cancellations in WOAH SALES

By Emily, 24 Feb 2014

We've added a feature specifically for canceling items in a customer sale. You can create a "cancellation" in much the same way as you create a credit note, or shipment for a sale. Just navigate to the "Cancellations" area at the right side of the sale details page and click the "+" button to bring up the Create Cancellation dialog.

Canceling items will stop WOAH from suggesting that you ship or invoice for those items. It will also decrease the calculation for required production and, if resulting in surplus inventory, increase the quantities in the "available to sell" report.

Changes to credit note behaviour

Please note that in the past, creating a credit note had the effect of reducing the outstanding quantity to ship. This is no longer the case and credit notes have no effect on shipment/production calculations. You now need to create a cancellation to stop WOAH from suggesting you ship the items. If you have already invoiced for the sale, you'll probably want to create a corresponding credit note after cancellation, and apply credit note to the open invoice.