Multiple B2B product images and image zooming

By Tom Riley, 21 Jul 2017

We've added the option to upload several product images for use on your B2B store. Those using the B2B store feature will find an "Additional B2B images..." option in the More drop-down on product details pages. From this page you can upload product images specifically for your B2B store. You can also specify image captions and reorder images accordingly.

We've added image zoom functionality to the B2B store buyer interface so buyers will be able to click any product image thumbnail to view the full resolution version.

Inventory reports can now be downloaded in PDF format

By Tom Riley, 10 Jun 2017

Inventory report data can now be downloaded in a line-sheet PDF format. You'll now find a "Download PDF" at the top of each inventory report page:

You can optionally choose to include pricing information and all current report filtering settings will be applied to the generated PDF.

Product line sheets can now be standalone

By Tom Riley, 01 Jun 2017

Previously, line sheets in WOAH were tied to a particular sale and customer order. We've just added the ability to create a standalone line sheet for any group of products within your season. To do this, simply filter products on your main Products page in the usual way, then choose the "Create Line Sheet" option from the tools drop-down.

You can then customise, email or download your line sheet PDF on the following screen. To view all of your created line sheets, choose "Line Sheets" from the main left-hand menus.

Material requirements style breakdown

By Tom Riley, 21 May 2017

An option to breakdown the materials requirements report by product (and colorway) has been added to the Material Requirements page. You will find a new drop-down menu to choose between raw material total requirements and alternatively, total requirements per style:

Choosing "By Material, Product & Color" will display required raw materials for each product/raw material pairing:

New date option for Wholesale Value Report

By Tom Riley, 14 Nov 2016

The "Inventory Wholesale Value" report just got a new option - it's now possible to enter a date in the past and show inventory levels as they were on that date. This is useful for pulling your inventory levels (and value) at your accounting period end date. You'll find the button for changing the date next to the view option buttons above the report:

By default, the button will be labelled "Today". Click the button to bring up a dialog in which to choose a different report date.

You'll see the date button change to reflect the chosen date and the report figures update accordingly.