Cancellations in WOAH SALES

By Emily, 24 Feb 2014

We've added a feature specifically for canceling items in a customer sale. You can create a "cancellation" in much the same way as you create a credit note, or shipment for a sale. Just navigate to the "Cancellations" area at the right side of the sale details page and click the "+" button to bring up the Create Cancellation dialog.

Canceling items will stop WOAH from suggesting that you ship or invoice for those items. It will also decrease the calculation for required production and, if resulting in surplus inventory, increase the quantities in the "available to sell" report.

Changes to credit note behaviour

Please note that in the past, creating a credit note had the effect of reducing the outstanding quantity to ship. This is no longer the case and credit notes have no effect on shipment/production calculations. You now need to create a cancellation to stop WOAH from suggesting you ship the items. If you have already invoiced for the sale, you'll probably want to create a corresponding credit note after cancellation, and apply credit note to the open invoice.

Add arbitrary notes to invoice PDFs

By Emily, 20 Jan 2014

You can now add arbitrary text to the bottom of a particular invoice PDF. Just click the edit/pencil icon to edit the invoice details. Anything you enter into the "PDF notes" area will be appended to the invoice PDF.

January updates

By Emily, 10 Jan 2014

Various updates and bug fixes have been deployed over the last few weeks. Here are the notable ones:

  • A settlement discount can now be recorded against an open invoice at any time. Previously you could only apply a settlement discount after recording payments. This change allows WOAH to correctly record an overpayment of an invoice for which a settlement discount was taken.
  • Fixed a bug that caused billing and shipping addresses to be reversed in the invoices CSV export file.
  • Hugely sped up generation of line sheets and other PDFs for large orders.
  • Fixed issue with Chinese characters not rendering correctly in PDFs.
  • Added a report for outstanding consignment quantities.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented choosing an existing billing contact when building a production order.
  • Pushing invoices to Xero is now more reliable.
  • Added VAT number to invoice CSV export.
  • Fixed bug where tax label was not rendering correctly on some compact production order PDFs.
  • Now including product EAN in pick ticket CSV files.

Credit Note CSV export

By Tom Riley, 15 Dec 2013

We're happy to announce that users can now export their credit notes in CSV format from the Sales page. Filter your sales accordingly and then look for the "Credit Note CSV" export link at the bottom of the page. Both true CSV and Excel-friendly files are downloadable.

Product manufacturers now displayed when building new pick tickets

By Tom Riley, 10 Oct 2013

WOAH now displays the product variation's manufacturer for each line item when you build a new pick ticket. This should make it easier for those users who need to build manufacturer/supplier specific pick tickets.